Roof Refurbishments

Do you need to solve roof leaks, dampness or mould stains?

The sooner the better! This is what we always consider first when we are faced with this kind of problem. At Gran Viobra Roof and Ceiling Renovation, we carry out an initial assessment of possible structural pathologies caused by leaks and define the most suitable insulation system (fire-welded asphalt sheeting, polyurethane resin monocomponent, vegetable resin, natural or vinyl rubber, thermal waterproofing, thermal insulation, …)

There is a wide range of insulation materials and techniques for the refurbishment of your roof. We will take care of finding the best solution for you and we will recommend the most suitable technique and material with the maximum guarantee.

Maintenance and repair of roofs in Mallorca. Roofs are one of the most important parts of our house. They are directly exposed to climatic factors (sun, rain, frost, ...) so they often get damaged. It is always recommended to solve it with all the guarantees, in an effective and long - lasting way, covering all types of roofs, patios, balconies or housetops. Whether it is a new project or a refurbishment of your roof, we can carry it out.


Roofs, always with the maximum guarantees.+ Information  

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Layout and/or design of new roofs. Check with us about the layout of roofs in Mallorca.
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Refurbishment of your roof with specialists in Roofing in Mallorca.

We solve all your problems with a team of experts with 35 years of experience in integral roof refurbishment of houses and villas in Mallorca.

Experts in refurbishment and rehabilitation of all types of roofs in Mallorca.